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  1. allow
  2. vt 及物動詞

    • 1. (permit) 允許; 准許

      passengers are not allowed to talk to the driver 乘客不得與司機交談we're not allowed visitors 我們不可以會客the government has allowed the situation to get worse 政府聽任局勢惡化I'm going to allow myself two more chocolates! 我讓自己多吃兩塊巧克力!allow me! 讓我來!if you will allow me to continue! 請讓我把話說完!
    • 2. (admit) 允許…進入

      the club's rules do not allow male members 俱樂部規定不接收男會員pets are not allowed 寵物不得入內
    • 3. (accept, concede) 認可

      I'll allow that this isn't always the case 我承認情況並不總是這樣的the referee allowed the goal 裁判判得分有效the insurance company allowed the claim 保險公司同意理賠
    • 4. (enable) 使成為可能

      increased funding would allow the company to be more adventurous in its productions 投資增加將使該公司能夠大膽地擴大生產the improved rail service allows easier connections to the main line to London 鐵路服務得到了改進,經由幹線往倫敦更方便了
    • 5. (allocate) 分配; 留出

      you ought to allow more material for long sleeves 長袖子得預備更多的布料to allow sb. a discount of £50 給某人優惠50英鎊to allow a margin for error 留出誤差餘地
  3. 同義詞

    1. let (someone) have or do something

    2. make provision or provide scope for

    • provide for, plan for, make plans for, get ready for, cater for, take into consideration, take into account, make provision for, make preparations for, prepare for, accommodate, make allowances for, make concessions for, arrange for, bargain for, reckon with

    3. provide or set aside for a particular purpose

    4. admit the truth of; concede

  4. 反義詞

    「1. let (someone) have or do something」的反義字:

    「2. make provision or provide scope for」的反義字:

    「3. admit the truth of; concede」的反義字:

    • vt.及物動詞



    • vi.不及物動詞



    • abbr.abbreviation

      = allowance
    • 考慮到
    • 【文】容許某事物, 對某事物留有餘地
    • allow的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • allow的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
    • vt 及物動詞

    • vt 及物動詞

    • vt 及物動詞

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