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  1. break one's word
    • 1. 不守諾言

      He broke his word. 他食言。
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    |約有89項符合結果,以下是1 - 3項。

    a question a day(10點) help me啊!!!

    Answer:A Kitty promised to keep her friend's secret but she told others about it.

    which one is correct?

    it will be much helpful, if u can give more than one version of answer - correct break down the sentence, you will see : (more than one)+ (version of answer) (version of answer) is a noun phrase, which can stand by itself as one meaning of noun Therefore your problem facing will be : more...

    The summary of ”Gulliver's Travels” about 180 words

    ... is the most famous example of Jonathan Swift’s satirical works and was the only one he received payment for (200) since most of his works were...

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