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  1. find fault with
    • 1. 對...進行批評(或挑剔)

      He finds fault with everything I do. 我所做的一切他都要吹毛求疵。I have no fault to find with your work. 我對你的工作沒有說的。She's always finding fault with me. 她總是找我的茬兒。
  2. 同義詞

  3. 用法

    • find fault with 表示找碴, 挑毛病, fault 不能用複數, with 後面一般不接人, 要接毛病所處的地點。]

    • ph.片語

    • 挑剔,指責,對…吹毛求疵
    • 無可挑剔,完美無缺
    • 他總是遇事吹毛求疵
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    English experts only, pls!

    My teacher always flunks and finds fault with me in a course (including doing some meaningless reports...

    What is 抽秤 in English?

    抽秤 = criticize - find fault with - express criticism of - point out real or perceived flaws

    can anyone use ”at fault” to write 3 english sentences?

    ...準備過。 2) Whenever Peter does something wrong, he seldom finds himself at fault. That’s why few people make friends with him. 毎當Peter做錯事, 他總是不會承認是自己的過錯, 所以甚少...

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