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  1. hypnotize
  2. vt 及物動詞

    • 1. (Med) 對…施催眠術

      to hypnotize sb. into doing sth. 施催眠術讓某人做某事
    • 2. (beguile, fascinate) 使著迷

  3. 同義詞

    1. produce a state of hypnosis in (someone)
    • mesmerize, send into a trance, put under, put out, put to sleep

    2. capture the whole attention of (someone); fascinate

  4. 反義詞

    「1. capture the whole attention of (someone); fascinate」的反義字:
    • vt.及物動詞



    • 施催眠術,使恍惚,使著迷
    • hypnotize的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • hypnotize的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
    • 施催眠術


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