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  1. in view of
    • 1. 鑒於; 由於; 考慮到

      In view of his youth, the police have decided not to continue with the case against him. 由於他年輕, 警方決定不再就此案對他起訴。In view of this, we'll start earlier. 考慮到這點, 我們將提早開始。In view of the weather, we will cancel the outing. 因天氣關係, 我們要取消此次郊遊。
  2. 同義詞

    鑒於; 由於; 考慮到
  3. 反義詞

    「鑒於; 由於; 考慮到」的反義字:
    • 鑑於;考慮到
    • 由於,有鑒於
    • 在…完全看得見的地方
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