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  1. in virtue of
    • 1. 因為, 憑藉

      He was promoted in virtue of his ability. 他由於有才能而被提升。She got the job in the laboratory in vitue of his qualifications. 她是憑著她的資格獲得實驗室這個工作的。
    • 由於;憑藉
    • 由於,因為,依靠,憑借…
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    由於的英文可以用owing to,thanks to, as a result of,due to,in virtue of來表達 2013-02-07 18:36:08 補充: 因為和由於是近義詞 不過有幾個區別: 第一...

    please help me check the grammer mistakes,thx... foreigner for sightseeing.One of the virtues of this book is it has a lot of ...think it can attract more foreigner travelling in HK.) After reading this book...

    can some 1 help me translate this into english?

    ... their husband. People of differerent ages and in different situations have different set of virtue. Socrates: So regrettable. I asked you about virtue, you...

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