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  1. insist on
    • 1. 堅持

      They insisted on my staying there for supper. 他們一定要留我在那兒吃晚飯。
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  3. 用法

    • insist on/upon表示堅持說, 強調說, 但不一定從觀點出發, 後接名詞或動名詞, 用於貶義時, 表示固執己見。, persist in 表示堅持做, 後面接名詞或動名詞, 是比較正式的說法, 強調行動, 表示堅持做某事, 不一定有什麼困難, 但有時也表示消極的含義, 其中的 in 也可由 with 代替, 但 in 更為常用。]

    • ph.片語

    • 堅持要求…,堅持認為…
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    |約有160項符合結果,以下是1 - 3項。

    我想問insist同rely有乜分別??? what you need or expect them to do. Insist e.g.:She will insist on washing her hair just when I want to have a bath. Mary...

    Help!!! isists on點解? 二十點!!! 一個勁簡單問題!!!

    Hi, insist on ======= to be emphatic, firm, or resolute on some matter of desire, demand, intention, etc... to Mr Pig about his exam result. O_O insist + on + verb+ing 886

    maintain同埋insist有咩分別? call them up today?' 'Oh, if you insist!' 4 [insist on doing something]to keep doing something, especially something that is inconvenient...

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