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      We must keep abreast with times. 我們必須跟上時代的步伐。They always keep abreast with what is going on by reading the newspaper. 他們總是通過讀報紙及時了解情形。
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    ... that the sex education in Hong Kong cannot keep abreast with time. 2007-07-26 10:58:11 補充: 對唔住,看錯了最後一句,最後一句”...

    "與時並進" 的英文入係咩????

    ... 龜博士 's stay up-to-date and my suggestion of keep abreast of mean following the latest trends closely.與時...補充: It may be better to saylead the innovation, ormove forward with time


    ...every profession heavily relies on Internet for timely quality information to keep abreast of the world with flexibility and ease, which is vital under the trend of globalization today. In...

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