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  1. keep company with
    • 1. 與...在一起

      She stayed at home to keep company with her younger sister. 她留在家裡陪伴她妹妹。
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    company accompany

    ... company.", " I shall keep you company( meaning I shall keep you with company)to the police station, but do you want my company ?".Do take note that...

    唔該幫一幫我翻譯成一片文章做英文 .

    ... rare joy There are a lot of classmate and the teacher which keep company with me to grow ups here We learn together to spend together everyday...

    [ 英文 ]作文( 英文高手請幫忙)

    ...wealth and property , authority at high court, or helpful with our feelings and behaviour...,drug-taking etc.we may be keeping bad companies influenced unfavourably, and...

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