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    • 1. 與...保持聯繫

      I am trying to keep in touch with my old friends. 我正在設法和我的老朋友保持連絡。As they were both amateur radio enthusiasts, they were able to keep in touch with each other over the air. 他們倆人都是無線電愛好者﹐所以他們日常能用無線電來相互進行聯繫。
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    ...2.I believe that the comuter is the most important because I can keep in touch with my friends, or parents on internet comfortabluely, safety, and directly...


    大執後如下: I like keeping in touch with my friends through...btw, which I could not find in dictionaries. I... up chatting with them, but I ...

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    Do you still stay connected / keep in touch with him? If you lose contact with your friends, you should use " keep in touch". Hope that you find it useful.

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