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  1. kill off
    • 1. 殺死某人; 破壞某事物; 除掉

      kill off weeds, insects, rats 滅除雜草、害蟲、老鼠He killed off all his political opponents. 他把政敵排除一空。The author kills off her hero in Chapter 7. 作者把她的主人翁安排在第七章中死去。The invaders killed off all the inhabitants of the village. 入侵者將全村的人殺光。
    • vt 及物動詞

      大量殺死; 大量毀掉


    • vt 及物動詞

      大量殺死; 大量毀掉


    • 殺光;滅絕
    • 殺戮,大肆屠殺


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    ... off The factory is laying off many workers because of the recession PHRASAL... TO COVER ! 3. slay & kill‘Slay’ is used in more in writing...

    讀過 business law的朋友可否幫幫忙:

    ... is not an acceptance but a counter offer. Since the counter offer kills off the original offer, the original offer cannot subsequently be accepted...


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