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  1. kill time
    • 1. 消磨打發時間

      How do you manage to kill your time on Sundays? 你在星期天是如何打發時間的?
  2. 同義詞

    • 消磨時間
    • 用來消磨時間的事情
    • 打發時間,消磨時光
    • 【口】沒事可做
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    10分 - 請教文法「普通對話」

    ...者不明白或誤解 What’s the matter? 好過 what about? what about 好過 what? Kill time = 打發時間, 消磨時間 trivial matter = 瑣細的事, small matter = 小的事

    If you had a time machine-超趕★

    ...and even taking a trip to foreign country was certainly a luxury thing to kill time. Though I am definitely not a seasoned scholar who ...


    most of the time, i do research in the Internet instead of killing the time. as there is a lot of information in the Internet, i will search with...

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