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  1. kind of
    • 1. 有一點

      The police kind of suspected that he was not telling the truth. 警察有點懷疑他沒有說實話。He was kind of sad because his best friend moved away. 他的至交搬走了, 他有點傷心。
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    Lion Kinds of lion: Eight kinds are recognized today: the ... Lion, is found in the northeastern parts of the Congo.the East African or Massai Lion...

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    Q:what kind of people is refer to下里巴人? A:時下的''下里巴人''...

    里面的fish 為什么不用加es

    其實在kind of, kinds of, sort of , sorts...不可數名詞;但較隨便的英文,也會在kind of, sort of, type of後用複數形。 現引... 形 式 的 kinds of 、 sorts of 等 , 其 後...

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