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  1. obstruction
  2. n.名詞

    • 1. 堵塞; 阻塞

    • 2. 堵塞物

      an obstruction of the bowel 腸梗阻
    • 3. 妨礙

    • 4. 阻擋犯規

      to commit an obstruction 阻擋犯規
    • n.名詞



    • 障礙,妨礙,閉塞
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    What Is Your Opinions of Traffic Congestion In Hong Kong?

    Traffic congestion is a road condition in which one or more obstructions cause travel speed to become slower than it customarily has should be, ...


    時式沒問題,但是在註明時間發生的事不會用TODAY表示的。 英語句法只會如下便會明白是今天 I have been removing obstructions from the pipe since 9:00am this morning.


    ...appropriate rebellious behaviour might/can help teenagers to get rid of the obstruction/difficulty and going forward with a good future, just like insects sheding...

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