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  1. on sale
    • 1. 上市的; 出售的

      Every article at the exhibition will be on sale. 每件產品都將出售。on sale at your local post office 在你們當地郵局出售The new model is not on sale in the shops. 這種新款式商店尚未上市。
    • 2. 削價出售

      John and Mary couldn't sell all of the lemonade at five cents a cup, so they had to put it on sale for three cents a cup. 約翰和瑪莉不可能把所有的檸檬水以五分一杯出售, 所以他們只好以每杯三分削價出售。
  2. 同義詞

    上市的; 出售的
    • 有售的


    • 待售,出售,廉價出售,拍賣
    • (指貨物)批發給零售商, 賣不掉可退還批發商
    • 某物特別廉售
    • 無法銷售可以退貨
    • 這種牙膏是今天出售的廉價品嗎
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    please correct the sentences Dragon quest to you.please wait until 28,march,because it is on sale by this date.put more effort on your study. I have ordered the...

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    1. 「there were many new units on sale」- 你的意思是減價 (on sale) 還是出售 (for sale)? 2...because...」無分別。都是多此一舉。 8. 「which some highlight on price while on quantity」- 不知是哪一個 financial columnist...


    ...減價」還是「將會進行減價」才知怎樣改正。 Our shops should be on sale next week.我們的店舖應該會在下星期開始減價。 Our shops is...

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