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  1. on schedule
    • 1. 準時

      Summer rain came almost on schedule as the crops needed them. 夏天的雨水幾乎是在農作物需要他們的時候準時來到。
  2. 同義詞

    • 按照預定時間
    • 按預定時間,准時
    • ph.片語

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    ... to fail to deliver the products to our customers on schedule. 5.我們應該準備兩個或以上的供應商或合作伙伴;當出現問題時,我們可以...


    ... factories is to make sure the productions are on schedule. What we need to do is request a quick response from the person in charge...

    In On At 用法

    ... day We use on time to refer to a person's arrival at a scheduled time: We arrived on time. We use in with periods of time such as centuries...

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