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  1. out of touch
  2. ph.片語

    • 1. 不諳時勢的,脫離現實的

    • 2. (人)不熟悉的,(很久)不來往的

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    以下proverbs and idioms既意思+例句\\\ (10分)

    1...我搵唔到..但我諗LI個應該一樣意思 be in/out of touch Definition::If you are in touch...::to accept the unpleasant parts of a situation as well as the pleasant parts ...

    Is it a right thing to do ?

    ... particular, cyber addiction (網癮) may be even created while people can become out of touch with the reality (脫離現實). In this case, therefore, it is definitely not...

    That's lame 係咩意思呀??

    Slang . out of touch with modern fads or trends; unsophisticated. kinda like 無聊

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