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  1. out of work
    • 1. 失業; 出故障

      He has been out of work for months. 他已幾個月沒有工作了。This machine is out of work. 這台機器出了故障。
  2. 同義詞

    失業; 出故障
  3. 反義詞

    「失業; 出故障」的反義字:
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    (English) Work this out

    ...devise something; plan something 設計某事物;計劃某事物 Work out = develop in a specified way; turn out 按某 heavy physical exercise 做大運動量的鍛鍊 be capable of being solved 能夠解決 2008-08-29 17...

    Get more out of

    ...idiom: get the most out of {someone or something} = to achieve the greatest output of work, effort, production, etc., out of {someone or something}. 從 xxx 中 獲得最大收益


    I have been out of work almost for four months. "for almost...... My team leader of the company which I had worked before, he gave me a call to...

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