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  1. pack
  2. n.名詞

    • 1. (packet) 盒

      a pack of cigarettes/paper hankies 一盒香煙/紙巾a giant/economy-size pack 大包裝/經濟裝
    • 2. (Brit) (of cards) 一副

    • 3. (backpack) 背包; 馱包

    • 4. (of wolves, hounds) 一群; 一批; 一夥

      leader of the pack 領先者to hunt in packs 集體出擊a pack of fools 一群蠢材the young people go around in packs terrorizing the neighbourhood 這群年輕人拉幫結夥恐嚇四鄰
    • 5. (in rugby) 全體前衛

    • 6. (Med, Cosmet) 敷料

    vt 及物動詞

    • 1. (stow) 收好; 包裹; 包裝

      to pack sth. in sth. 把某物裝進某物
    • 2. (put things into) 裝; 打; 準備離開

      to pack sth. with sth. 把某物裝到某物裡we're packing a box with emergency supplies to send to refugees 我們正把送給難民的緊急救援物資裝箱to pack one's bags 收拾行裝what made you decide to pack your bags and move to another company? 是甚麼讓你決定離開,跳槽到另一家公司?
    • 3. (package commercially) 加工包裝

    • 4. (cram into) 擠滿

      to be packed with people 擠滿了人you can pack a lot of reading into a two-week vacation 兩週的假期可以讀很多書
    • 5. (Med) 包紮

      if you have a nosebleed, pack the nostrils with cotton wool 流鼻血時,用藥棉塞住鼻孔
    • 6. (press firmly) 壓實

      the wind packed the snow against the wall 風把雪吹得緊貼在牆上to pack the earth around the base of the plant 把植物根部周圍的土拍結實
    • 7. (fill with supporters) 在…中安插支持者

    • 8. 很大影響力; 酒勁很大

      to pack a punch 能重拳出擊she packed quite a punch in the committee meeting 她在委員會會議上的發言擲地有聲that home-made cherry brandy packs a tremendous punch 那種家釀櫻桃白蘭地酒勁很大
    • 9. (colloq) (carry) 攜帶

    • 10. (store) 儲藏

      they used to preserve fish by packing it in salt 他們過去常用鹽把魚醃上儲藏

    vi 不及物動詞

    • 1. (get one's things together) 打點行裝

    • 2. (go, fit) 適合包裝

      these little boxes will pack very easily in the corner of a suitcase 這些小盒子很容易塞到手提箱的角落
    • 3. (crowd) 擠滿

      to pack into sth. 擠滿某處
  3. 同義詞

    1. a small cardboard or paper container and the items contained within it

    2. a group of wild animals, especially wolves, living and hunting together

    3. a rucksack

    4. fill (a suitcase or bag) with clothes and other items needed for travel

    5. place (something) in a container for transport, storage, or sale

    6. cover, surround, or fill (something)

    • n. noun



    • vt.及物動詞



    • vi.不及物動詞



    • 包裹,一群,一副,背包,包裝包裝,捆紮,塞滿,壓緊,挑選包裝貨物,擠
    • adj 形容詞



    • combining form

    • n.名詞



    • 不再做某事; 放棄某事物

      (指機器、發動機等)不工作或不運轉, 出毛病, 有故障

    • 塞滿, 裝滿
    • 塞進; 擠進
    • 送走
    • 停止
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