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  1. playboy
  2. n.名詞

    • 1. 花花公子

      playboy millionaire/lifestyle 花花公子式的富翁/生活方式
    • n.名詞

    • 花花公子
    • playboy的名詞複數
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    |約有9項符合結果,以下是1 - 3項。


    花心: unfaithful, perfidious, Don Juan, libertine, philandering, casanovanic (casanova), playboy 用情專一: faithful, devoted, loyal, unswerving/unwavering/steadfast love, one-girl guy

    急 !!!睇Iron man 3記英文作文120字20點

    ... wealth and fame. He shamelessly ploughs head first into the playboy lifestyle, gambling at the Vegas high-rollers table and ...

    urgent english question

    ... daughter. She inherited her father’s estate. The playboy spent all his inheritance in two years. When his father...

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