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  1. stab in the back
    • 1. 暗箭傷人; 誹謗; 背叛

      This kind of stabbing in the back gives journalism a bad name. 這種背後中傷給新聞業帶來壞名聲。He stabbed me in the back. 他背後誹謗我的名聲。
    • 傷人的暗箭;誹謗
    • 【俚】背後的中傷, 背叛行為
    • 誹謗,傷人的暗箭
    • 在某人背後刺上一刀,暗害某人
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    快快快!!!翻譯英文句子 唔該!!

    ...rain cats and dogs [傾盆大雨] speak for itself [不說明一切] stab you in the back [暗箭傷人/背棄] stands a good chance [有良好機會] take the/your...


    ... Wai. In April 2004... suicide after stabbing his ... to death. The “sadness” is traceable back to flaws in...

    power and status

    ...the boss and tell the boss a lot, but they may not tell the truth. They might stab someone's back with wrong information, or praise the boss in order to seek a promotion opportunity. The boss of course feels good but...

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