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  1. take apart
    • 1. 拆開; 仔細檢查, 仔細分析

      He took the lawn mower apart, but failed to locate the trouble. 他把除草機拆開, 但找不出毛病在哪裡。They took apart every detail of the alibi. 他們對被告聲稱當時不在犯罪現場的証據逐一仔細檢查。
    • 2. 嚴厲抨擊; 把...駁得體無完膚

      His first novel had rave notices; his second was taken apart. 他的第一部小說得到熱烈贊揚, 但第二部卻受到尖銳批評。Her second novel was taken apart by the critics. 她的第二部小說受到評論家的嚴厲批評。
    • 3. (拳擊運動)把...打得一敗塗地

      Becker took Connors apart in the third set 貝克爾在第三盤輕而易舉戰勝了康納斯(網球賽)。We were simply taken apart by the opposition. 對方很容易就把我們打敗了。
  2. 同義詞

    拆開; 仔細檢查, 仔細分析
  3. 反義詞

    「拆開; 仔細檢查, 仔細分析」的反義字:
  4. 用法

    • ○ 一般用於 take sth. apart 或 take apart sth., 多指拆卸機器等, 亦可用於 take apart to pieces。]

    • vt 及物動詞



    • vt 及物動詞



    • 拆卸,拆開
    • 拆開,拆卸
    • 將(尤指機器)拆開, 拆卸; 拆散某物
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