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  1. take care of
    • 1. 照顧; 留意

      While we were on holiday a neighbor took care of our dog. 我們度假在外時一位鄰居照料我們的狗。Take care of the traffic as you cross the road. 你過馬路時留心車輛。
    • 2. 處理

      Better devices are needed in many countries to take care of the waste from factories. 很多國家需要更先進的裝置來處理工業廢物。Mr. Smith takes care of marketing and publicity. 史密斯先生負責產品的銷售與推廣。
  2. 同義詞

    照顧; 留意
  3. 用法

    • take care of 後面一般接人, 表示照看某人。, care for 表示喜歡, 想, 一般只用於疑問句和否定句。, care about 表示關心, 後接名詞或名詞子句。]

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    勁急..英文作文(說明文)How to take care of a pet dog?

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    Both “look after” and “take care of” has same meaning of “ voice. Examples : My mother takes care of me when I am sick. My...


    We should take care of our earth in order to improve our living stardard .Research... . Therefore, we should pay more time in the environment problem and take care our earth.

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