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  1. take charge of
    • 1. 管理; 負責

      Eisenhower told me that he wanted me to take complete charge of the land battle. 艾遜豪威告訴我他要我完全負責陸地的戰爭。John will take charge of the next meeting. 約翰將主持下一次會議。
  2. 同義詞

    管理; 負責
  3. 用法

    • take charge of 後接人, 表示照管某人, 對某人負責; 後接事, 表示主管, 負責某事。]

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    唔該check CV部分寫法? 應否+S? thx all

    1. You may consider ‘to take charge of’ instead of ‘be responsible for’. ...hellip;’ ********************************* ... I took charge of partnering with the sales teams...


    Pays respects the platoon to produce goods for me takes charge of, asked this substandard goods are my Si Ch...


    The expensive department can provide the price of product ABC to take charge of for me, And can provide a few samples to take charge of for me. 注:閣下請不要棄掉問題~忘記選最佳回答~浪費在下的心血~~!!

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