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  1. together with
    • 1. 和...一起

      She sold the house, together with the furniture. 她連同傢具把房屋賣掉了。
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    若要知道Do you mind lunch together/with me.是對是錯,我們首先就要清楚明白mind這個字怎用,在此我不講mind...名詞,動名詞,或if, wh-等從屬連接詞 所以,若你的示句Do you mind lunch together/with me.的lunch是作名詞用,那麼,整句是”你與我午餐,你不介意吧...


    This mornong,I,together with my primary schoolmate,went to the book fair. When...on diet after eating so much food) After that,we together with our cousins went outside to play, though it...


    ...can never be compared with going to school - the pleasure of being together with friends and living together as a social group. Good luck.

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