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  1. touch on
    • 1. 簡略地講述(某題目); 接近

      She merely touched on this question. 她只是粗略地提到這個問題。His actions touch on treason. 他的行為近乎叛國。He touched on many points without enlarging on any of them. 他提出許多問題, 但一個也沒有詳細論述。He only touched on the matter for a few minutes. 對這個問題, 他只簡單地談了幾分鐘。He is reading all the current publications touching on his research. 凡最近出版的, 涉及他研究範圍的書刊, 他都在閱讀。The pencil must touch on the paper very lightly. 用鉛筆在紙上寫字, 筆觸要很輕。
  2. 同義詞

    簡略地講述(某題目); 接近
    • vt 及物動詞

    • vt 及物動詞

    • 涉及;提到
    • 提到,涉及,簡單地談及…
    • 觸及某人的痛處
    • 觸及某人的痛處
    • 觸到某人痛處,觸犯某人
    • 觸到某人痛處
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    on --- had to be touching on the thing you're talking about. example. The plate ...the clock was above the table but it doesn't mean that it was touching the table.)

    請問touched down的意思!!

    ...quot; 是 "touch down" 的過去式, 意指 : 著陸, 降落 例: "A man touched down on the moon" 一名男子在月球上著陸. 摘錄於Barack Obama'...

    touch wood點解

    touch wood 近義詞knock on wood 本身係一種古老迷信行為, 古代人認為觸碰神木可以避開邪靈同惡魔 呢個傳統漸漸演化成一句諺語 解釋其實就係中文俗語既"大吉利是" 不過touch wood好少用於formal既文章上面 多數係好口語化,用於conversation 以下呢個web site有...

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