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  1. be-in

    • KK[ˋbiˋɪn]
    • DJ[ˋbi:ˋin]


    • n.
    • 相關詞
    • ph.
      忙於 I am engaged in letter-writing. 我正忙於寫信。
    • ph.
      堅持 Despite difficulties, he is persistent in getting a college education. 儘管有困難, 他還是堅持要得到大學教育。
    • ph.
      善於 She was adept in playing tennis. 她擅長打網球。
    • ph.
      (商店等中)有現貨的 The book is in stock. 該書有庫存。
    • ph.
      關心, 熱心, 涉及, 加入, 參加, 被(麻煩)牽連 He was deeply involved in his work. 他非常熱中他的工作。 More cabinet members should be involved in policy-making. 應該有更多的內閣閣員參與政策的制定。
    • ph.
      被列入在裡面 My name was listed in the teacher's notebook. 我的名字被列入了老師的筆記本裡了。
    • ph.
      精通...; 熟悉... He is proficient in English. 他精通英文。
    • ph.
      被騙 If you trust him, you will certainly be taken in. 倘若你相信他, 你就一定會受欺騙的。
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