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  1. case

    • IPA[keɪs]



    • 事例;情況
    • adv
    • conj
    • prep
    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞

    • 1. 事例 on a case by case basis 逐一地 in 7 out of 10 cases 十之七八
    • 2. 情況 in some cases 在某些情況下 in that case 如果那樣的話
    • 3. 個案 in your case, we are prepared to be lenient 根據你的情況,我們準備從寬處理 I cannot make an exception in your case 我不能對你破例
    • 4. 論據 to have a case 有足夠的證據打贏官司 to put the case for the defence 為被告辯護
    • 5. 訴訟 a criminal/civil case 刑事/民事訴訟 to win/lose one's case 勝訴/敗訴
    • 6. 案件 to work or be on a case 辦案 a murder case 謀殺案
    • 7. 病例; 病人; 傷員 a severe case of typhoid 嚴重的傷寒病例 a psychiatric case 精神病患者
    • 8. 需要救助的情況; 需要救助的對象 the local social services discussed her case 當地的社會福利部門討論了她的救助問題 he's a problem case 他是個困難戶
    • 9. 可憐的人; 無可救藥的人
    • 10. the nominative case 主格


    • 1. 無論如何
    • 2. 至少


    • 1. 以防 you'd better take the keys in case I'm out 你最好帶上鑰匙,以防我不在家 take the street map just in case 帶上街道地圖,以防萬一
    • 2. 假使 in case you haven't figured it out, let me explain 假如你還沒弄明白,就讓我來解釋吧


    • 1. 如果發生 in case of fire, ring the alarm bell 如遇火警,即按警鈴


    1. a container designed to hold or protect something

    2. the outer protective covering of a natural or manufactured object

    3. an item of luggage; a suitcase

    4. a box containing twelve bottles of wine or other drink, sold as a unit

    5. surround in a material or substance

    6. enclose in a protective container

    7. reconnoitre (a place) before carrying out a robbery

    • n.
      外殼; 炮彈殼; 齒輪箱; 汽缸
    • n.[C]
      框;殼;罩;套 This wire has a plastic casing. 這種電線外包塑膠。 There is a window fitting in a casing. 有一扇裝在框內的窗。
    • case的動詞過去式、過去分詞
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    • n.
      容器; 外殼; 書殼 a cigarette/display case 煙盒/陳列櫃
    • vt.
      包裹 to be cased in sth. 用某物包裹住
    • KK[kes]
    • DJ[keis]


    • n.[C]
      箱,盒;套,殼;容器 His new TV came in a big packing case. 他新購的電視機是裝在一隻大的包裝箱內運來的。
    • vt.
      把……裝入箱(或容器)中[(+up)] I cased my books for shipping. 我把我的書裝箱待運。
    • KK[kes]
    • DJ[keis]


    • n.
      事實,實情[C] He thought he had already solved the problem, but that was not the case. 他以為他已經解決了這個問題,可是實際情況並非如此。


    • abbr.
      = Council of Administrations of Special Education(美國)專業教育管理人員委員會
    • 情形,情況,箱,裝箱,事實,病例,案例,框子裝箱,包圍