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  1. clear

    • IPA[klɪə(r)]



    • adj.
      透明的; 清澈的;晴朗的
    • adv.
    • vt.
    • vi.
      變透明; 變清澈;轉晴
    • 比較級:clearer 最高級:clearest

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    • 1. 透明的; 清澈的
    • 2. 晴朗的
    • 3. 清脆的
    • 4. 清楚的 she gave the police a clear account of what happened 她向警察清楚地講述了發生的事情 is that clear? 明白嗎?
    • 5. 清晰的; 清醒的; 思維清晰的 to have a clear picture in one's mind of sth. 對某事物了如指掌 to keep a clear head 保持頭腦清醒
    • 6. 純淨的 clear green 純綠色
    • 7. 清晰的; 聲音清晰的 I didn't get a clear look at the car 我沒有看清楚那輛車
    • 8. 明顯的 it's a clear case of fraud 這是一起明顯的詐騙案 it's clear that they don't want to come 顯然他們不想來
    • 9. 無遮擋的; 暢通無阻的; 收拾乾淨的 the path is clear of snow 這條小路上沒有積雪 we're keeping this space clear for the new bookcase 我們留著這個地方放新書櫃
    • 10. 光潔的
    • 11. 稀薄的 clear soup 清湯
    • 12. 免除的 clear of sth. 擺脫某事物的 they were clear of debt at last 他們終於還清了債務
    • 13. 空閒的 my diary for June is completely clear 我整個6月份都有空 I'm keeping next Saturday clear for my Christmas shopping 我留出下週六來為聖誕節購物
    • 14. 完整的 that gives them a clear week to carry out the repairs 這讓他們有整整一週時間來維修
    • 15. 淨的 a clear profit/amount 淨利/淨值
    • 16. 不接觸的 keep going: you're well clear 繼續走,不會碰到的 park the car about 25 cm clear of the kerb 把車停在離路緣大約25釐米的地方


    • 1. 離開 stand clear (of the doors)! 站開(別站在門口)! to jump or leap clear (of sth.) 跳離(某物)
    • 2. 完全 he got clear away 他逃得無影無蹤


    • 1. 清除 she cleared the leaves from the path 她清掃掉小路上的樹葉 can you clear the papers off the desk? 你能把桌上的文件都拿走嗎?
    • 2. 清理 to clear the drains 疏通下水道 to clear the road of snow 清掃路上積雪
    • 3. 清理出 she cleared a path through the undergrowth 她在灌木叢中開出一條小路來 she cleared her way through the crowd of onlookers 她從圍觀的人群中擠了過去
    • 4. 使離開 the troops were called in to clear the crowds 軍隊被調來驅散人群 the rain cleared the sunbathers from the beach 這場雨把海灘上晒日光浴的人都淋跑了
    • 5. 遣散…的人員 the fire alarm cleared the building 聽到火警後,人們都撤離了大樓 the police cleared the stadium of spectators 警察疏散了體育館裡的觀眾
    • 6. 使變清醒 to clear one's head or mind 使頭腦清醒
    • 7. 刪除…中的數據; 刪除
    • 8. 清償; 結清
    • 9. 處理 we were faced with a huge backlog of work to clear 我們有一大堆積壓的工作要處理 to be reduced to clear 清倉甩賣
    • 10. 使無罪 you have been cleared of all charges 對你的所有指控都已撤銷 to be cleared of suspicion 被排除嫌疑
    • 11. 批准…做機密工作 she's been cleared to consult these classified documents 她已經獲准查閱這些機密文件
    • 12. 批准; 使獲得批准 the report has to be cleared by the censors 這篇報道必須經審查員審批 the plane has been cleared for take-off 飛機已得到起飛許可
    • 13. 合乎…要求 to clear customs 通關
    • 14. 使面目一新; 改善困境; 緩解緊張局勢 to clear the air 使空氣清新
    • 15. 驅散
    • 16. 澄清
    • 17. 越過; 通過; 通過時不接觸 the winner cleared two metres 獲勝選手跳過了2米 the van only just cleared the gatepost 那輛貨車險些撞上門柱
    • 18. 大腳踢開…解圍; 把…擊出己方球門區
    • 19. 結算
    • 20. 淨賺 he's clearing more than £20,000 a year 他一年淨賺2萬多英鎊


    • 1. 變透明; 變清澈
    • 2. 轉晴
    • 3. 變清新; 變得空氣清新
    • 4. 消散
    • 5. 變光潔
    • 6. 消失
    • 7. 變明朗 his face/brow cleared when I told him the good news 我告訴他這個好消息時,他面露喜色/眉頭舒展開來
    • 8. 結算


    1. easy to perceive, understand, or interpret

    2. leaving no doubt; obvious or unambiguous

    3. (of a substance) transparent; unclouded

    4. free of cloud, mist, or rain

    5. (of a person's skin) free from blemishes

    6. free of any obstructions or unwanted objects

    7. (of a person) free of something undesirable or unpleasant

    8. (of a person's conscience) free of guilt

    9. complete; full

    10. so as to be out of the way of or away from

    11. completely

    12. make or become clear, in particular:

    13. remove an obstruction or unwanted item or items from

    14. cause people to leave (a building or place)

    15. gradually go away or disappear

    16. become free of cloud or rain


    「1. easy to perceive, understand, or interpret」的反義字

    「2. leaving no doubt; obvious or unambiguous」的反義字

    「3. (of a substance) transparent; unclouded」的反義字

    「4. free of cloud, mist, or rain」的反義字

    「5. (of a person's skin) free from blemishes」的反義字

    「6. free of any obstructions or unwanted objects」的反義字

    「7. (of a person's conscience) free of guilt」的反義字

    「8. complete; full」的反義字

    「9. so as to be out of the way of or away from」的反義字

    「10. make or become clear, in particular:」的反義字

    「11. remove an obstruction or unwanted item or items from」的反義字

    「12. become free of cloud or rain」的反義字

    「13. remove (an obstruction or unwanted item) from somewhere」的反義字

    「14. discharge (a debt)」的反義字

    「15. officially show or declare (someone) to be innocent」的反義字

    「16. give official approval or authorization to」的反義字

    • n.
    • n.
    • clear的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • clear的形容詞最高級
    • clear的最高級


    • 清掃,空地,票據清算


    • 清除的


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    • adj.
      清澈的,透明的;(皮膚)潔淨的 We could see fish in the clear water. 我們看到清澈的水中有魚。
    • adv.
      清晰地,明瞭地 He spoke loud and clear. 他講話聲音大而清楚。
    • vt.
      使乾淨;使明亮[(+of)] We usually clear the water with a filter. 我們通常用過濾器使水淨化。
    • vi.
      變乾淨;變清澈;變晴;變清楚 The sky is clearing. 天正晴朗起來。
    • 清除,掃清清晰的,明白的