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  1. eye

    • IPA[aɪ]



    • n.
    • vt.
    • 過去式:eyed 過去分詞:eyed 現在分詞:eyeing

    • 名詞複數:eyes

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞
    • 片語


    • 1. 眼睛 blue/brown eyes 藍/棕色眼睛 to put or hold sth. to one's eye 拿起某物看
    • 2. 視力 to have weak/sharp eyes 視力差/眼尖 to have one's eyes tested 檢測視力
    • 3. 目光 to raise/lower/avert one's eyes 抬起/垂下/轉移目光 all eyes were on him/her 所有的目光都落在了他/她身上
    • 4. 注意; 注意手頭的事情; 不抓緊手頭的事情 to catch sb.'s eye 引起某人的注意 to keep an or one's eye on sb./sth. 留意某人/某事物
    • 5. 打算 with an eye to sth./doing sth. 有關於某事物/做某事的打算 to do sth. with an eye to future expansion 做某事意圖未來進行擴張
    • 6. 觀點 in the eyes of sb., in sb.'s eyes 在某人看來 in the eyes of the law/church 在法律/宗教上
    • 7. 眼力 to have a good eye 有好眼力 to have an eye for sth. 對某事物很有眼力
    • 8. 針眼
    • 9. 鉤眼
    • 10. 芽眼
    • 11. 翎斑; 翅斑
    • 12. 風眼 to be in the eye of the storm 處於暴風眼之中 the eye of the storm 避風港


    • 1. 打量 to eye sb. up and down or from head to toe 上下打量某人 to eye sb./sth. with ... 以…的目光看某人/某事物
    • 2. 色迷迷地看 to eye sb. up and down 色迷迷地從頭到腳打量某人


    1. each of a pair of globular organs of sight in the head of humans and vertebrate animals

    2. used to refer to someone's power of vision and in descriptions of the direction of someone's gaze

    3. used to refer to someone's opinion or attitude towards something

    4. the calm region at the centre of a storm or hurricane

    5. the small hole in a needle through which the thread is passed


    「1. the calm region at the centre of a storm or hurricane」的反義字

    • comb.
      有…眼睛的 a brown-eyed brunette 有褐色眼睛的褐髮白人女子 a one-eyed man 獨眼男子
    • adj.
    • eye的名詞複數
    • comb.
      (構成形容詞)表示長……眼的,有……眼神的(如:blue-eyed藍眼珠的,sad-eyed 眼神悲哀的)
    • 有眼的


    • 眼睛


    • ph.
      【俚】(表示不同意或不相信等)天哪, 哎呀; 胡說, 瞎扯 A diamond, my eye. That is glass. 什麼, 鑽石!那是玻璃。
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    • n.[C]
      眼睛 She has blue eyes. 她長著一雙藍眼睛。
    • vt.
      看;注視;審視 They eyed every change in the stock market. 他們密切注視股票市場的每一個變化。 I did not like the way he eyed me. 我不喜歡他那看我的樣子。
    • 眼睛