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  1. hours

    • hour的名詞複數
    • 相關詞
    • n.
      小時 a solid or full hour 整整1小時 within or inside the hour 在1小時內
    • npl.
      很長時間 to wait for hours 等很久 it took hours to get there 花了好長時間才到那裡
    • n.[C]
      小時 It took us five hours to finish the job. 我們花了五個小時完成這項工作。
    • 小時,鐘頭,時間,…點鐘,課時


    • ph.
      上班時間 The manager is quite busy during office hours. 經理在上班時間很忙。
    • ph.
      下課後; 下班後 How do you go home after hours? 你下課後怎麼回家? Staff must stay behind after hours to catch up on their work. 下班後工作人員需要留下來把工作趕完。
    • ph.
      休閒時間 These modern conveniences give her leisure hours to enjoy with her husband, to play with her children, or to participate in community activities. 這些現代化設備給她空暇時間去和丈夫享樂、和孩子們遊玩、或參加社區活動。
    • ph.
      上課時間 You should study hard in school hours. 你在上課時間應該用功研讀。
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