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  1. look on

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    • 1. 觀望 Passers-by just looked on as a man was viciously attacked. 有一男子遭人毒打, 路人只在一旁觀看。 Why don't you play football instead of just looking on? 你為什麼不參加踢足球而只是觀看?



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      面對 Our house looks out on the garden. 從我們的房子往外看可看到花園。
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      將某人(某事物)看作他人(他事物) She's looked on as the leading authority on the subject. 她被認為是該問題的主要權威。
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      做短暫的拜訪 Jean looked in on her grandmother on her way downtown. 在去城中心的路上, 珍順道拜訪她的外婆一下。 The doctor looked in on Mr. Jackson every day when he went by. 醫生每天經過時都去看訪傑克森太太一下。
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      輕視 If you don't fulfil the obligation people will look down on you. 如果你不盡自己應盡的責任, 人們就會瞧不起你。 He was looked down on because of his humble background. 他因家世寒微而被人看不起。
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      輕視 We should not look down on manual labor. 我們不應該輕視體力勞動。
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    • vt.
      看待 they looked on her with the deepest suspicion 他們對她充滿懷疑 to look on sb./sth. as ... 視某人/某事物為…
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      旁觀 we did all the work, while they looked on 我們做了所有工作,他們只是袖手旁觀 we will not sit back and look on while our allies are attacked 我們的盟友受襲時,我們不會坐著袖手旁觀
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