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  1. muttered

    • mutter的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • 相關詞
    • vi.
      嘟噥 to mutter to oneself 喃喃自語
    • vt.
      嘟噥 to mutter thanks/complaints/words 輕聲道謝/抱怨/說話 he muttered sth. under his breath 他嘀咕著某事
    • vi.
      低聲嘀咕,咕噥 The old woman muttered to herself. 這位老婦人喃喃自語。 Mr. Morgon did not look up from his maps, but he muttered a greeting. 摩根先生看著地圖,沒有抬起頭來,但是他低聲招呼了一聲。
    • vt.
      低聲含糊地說 The surgeon muttered his dissatisfaction. 外科醫生低聲發洩他的不滿。
    • n.
      咕噥;抱怨[S] We heard a mutter of discontent. 我們聽到有人竊竊私議表示不滿。