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  1. provide

    • IPA[prəˈvaɪd]



    • vt.
    • vi.
    • 過去式:provided 過去分詞:provided 現在分詞:providing

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    • 1. 提供 to provide sb. with sth. 為某人提供某物 to provide sth. for or to sb./sth. 提供某物給某人/某物
    • 2. 規定 to provide that ... 規定… unless otherwise provided 除非另行規定


    • 1. 提供生活必需品 the Lord will provide 上帝會恩賜的


    1. make available for use; supply

    2. equip or supply someone with (something useful or necessary)

    3. present or yield (something useful)

    4. make adequate preparation for (a possible event)

    5. supply sufficient money to ensure the maintenance of (someone)

    6. stipulate in a will or other legal document


    「1. make available for use; supply」的反義字

    「2. equip or supply someone with (something useful or necessary)」的反義字

    「3. supply sufficient money to ensure the maintenance of (someone)」的反義字

    • conj.
      假如 a picnic will be very pleasant, provided (that) we get good weather 如果天氣好的話,出去野餐很不錯
    • conj.
      以……為條件;假如 Provided (that) there is no opposition, we shall hold the meeting here. 假如無人反對,我們就在這裡開會。
    • 假若


    • ph.
      為...提供... The men were provided with blankets against the cold. 人們為那些人提供毛毯禦寒。
    • ph.
      防備發生...; 為...作準備 The government has to provide against a possible oil shortage in the coming months. 政府須為未來幾個月中可能出現的油荒作好準備。 We have to provide against possible accidents. 我們要為可能發生的意外作些準備。
    • ph.
      供應, 供給; 做好適當準備, 防備; 預備個人維生所需扶養 Father provided food and clothes for our family. 父親供給我們一家人的吃和穿。 The riot in the prison provided a chance for escape. 監獄中的暴動提供一個逃脫的機會。
    • ph.
      供給; 為...裝備上 The ship was provided with radar equipment. 那船裝有雷達設備。 Somehow she managed to provide her children with food and clothing. 她總算設法使她的孩子有飯吃, 有衣穿。
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    • KK[prəˋvaɪd]
    • DJ[prəˋvaid]


    • vt.
      提供[(+for)] On Sundays his landlady provided dinner as well as breakfast. 星期天,他的女房東不但供給早餐,還供給晚餐。
    • vi.
      撫養,贍養[(+for)] He tried to earn more money to provide for a large family. 他設法多掙錢以供養一個子女眾多的家。 He has a large family to provide for. 他有一大家子人要養。
    • 提供,供應,規定,裝備,預備作準備,瞻養,規定