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  1. quite

    • IPA[kwaɪt]



    • adv.
    • 釋義
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    • 1. 比較 it's quite cold/warm today 今天比較冷/暖和 quite a lot of money/opposition 比較多的錢/反對意見
    • 2. 相當 quite a few/lot of people/things 相當多的人/東西 I've thought about it quite a bit 這件事情我已經考慮了很多
    • 3. 完全 are you quite sure? 你有十足把握嗎? you're quite right/wrong 你完全正確/錯了
    • 4. to be quite comfortable/happy 很舒服/高興 he's quite clearly mad 很顯然他是瘋了
    • 5. 毫無疑問 it was quite the best answer 這無疑是最佳答案
    • 6. 的確 that will be quite a change for you 那對你來說的確會是一個大改變 she's quite a beauty 她是個大美人
    • 7. 一點不錯 he could have told us — quite! 他原本可以告訴我們的──沒錯! it's just common sense — quite so! 這只是常識而已──一點不錯!


    1. to the utmost or most absolute extent or degree; absolutely; completely

    2. to a certain or fairly significant extent or degree; fairly

    • ph.
      (表示讚賞)不尋常的事; 值得注意的事 The party was quite something. 聚會熱鬧極了。
    • ph.
      相當多 We still have quite a few more miles to go before we reach New York. 到達紐約之前我們還有不少英哩要走。
    • ph.
      極為流行的; 極為時髦的 Black leather trousers seem to be quite the rage these days. 近來黑色皮褲似乎風靡一時。
    • ph.
      時髦, 流行 Wearing a straw hat was quite the thing in this summer. 戴草帽在今年夏天很流行。
    • ph.
      相當長的時間 It happened quite some time ago. 那是很久以前的事。
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    • adv.
      完全,徹底 She wore a hat quite out of fashion. 她戴著一頂完全過時的帽子。