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  1. spare

    • IPA[speə(r)]



    • adj.
      閒置的; 不用的; 備用的;空閒的
    • n.
      備用品; 備件; 備用輪; 備用胎; 餘票
    • vt.
      勻出; 花得起; 拿得出;用不著
    • 過去式:spared 過去分詞:spared 現在分詞:sparing

    • 名詞複數:spares

    • 比較級:sparer 最高級:sparest

    • 釋義
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    • 相關詞


    • 1. 閒置的; 不用的; 備用的 a spare bed/seat 空床/空座 spare cash for the book/winter holiday 買書/過寒假的閒錢
    • 2. 空閒的 do you have a spare minute? 你現在有空嗎? not to have a spare moment 沒有一點空
    • 3. 瘦削的 to be spare of build or stature 體形瘦削 his body was lean and spare 他骨瘦如柴
    • 4. 簡樸的 the precise, spare movements of the dancers 舞蹈演員們準確而簡潔的動作
    • 5. 簡單的


    • 1. 備用品; 備件; 備用輪; 備用胎; 餘票 a set of spares 一套備用品 have my pen: I've got a spare 用我的鋼筆吧,我還有一支


    • 1. 勻出; 花得起; 拿得出 can you spare a cigarette? 能給我一支煙嗎? I've got plenty of pens, so I suppose I can spare one 我有很多鋼筆,所以我想我可以讓出一支
    • 2. 用不著 I just can't spare him today 我今天實在缺不了他
    • 3. 放過 the plague did not spare any of the villagers 村民們無一幸免於瘟疫 to spare sb.'s life 饒某人的命
    • 4. 免去 to spare sb. sth. 為某人免除某事 try to spare her as much distress as possible 儘量不要讓她難受
    • 5. 吝惜 to spare no effort/inconvenience/pains (doing or to do sth.) (做某事)不遺餘力/不厭其煩/不辭辛勞 no trouble was spared to ensure our comfort 為了保證我們的舒適,甚麼辦法都用過了


    1. additional to what is required for ordinary use

    2. (of time) not taken up by one's usual duties or activities; available for leisure

    3. with no excess fat; thin

    4. give (something of which one has enough) to (someone)

    5. refrain from killing, injuring, or distressing


    「1. additional to what is required for ordinary use」的反義字

    「2. (of time) not taken up by one's usual duties or activities; available for leisure」的反義字

    「3. with no excess fat; thin」的反義字

    • spare的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • spare的形容詞比較級
    • spare的名詞複數
    • spare的形容詞最高級
    • 備品


    • ph.
      多餘的 Have you got a pencil to spare? 你有多餘的鉛筆嗎?
    • ph.
      很惱火; 很憂慮 After hearing the news, he went spare. 聽到這個消息後他很惱火。 Your mum will go spare if she finds out what you've done! 要是你媽媽知道你幹的事, 她會氣壞的!
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    • KK[spɛr]
    • DJ[spɛə]


    • vt.
      分出,騰出(時間,人手);分讓(多餘的東西)[(+for)][O1] Can you spare me a few minutes? 你能為我挪出幾分鐘時間嗎?
    • vi.
    • adj.
      多餘的,剩下的;空閒的 He has nothing to do in his spare time. 他空閒時間無事可做。
    • n.[C]
    • 剩餘,備用零件,備用輪胎多餘的,備用的,簡陋的,空閑的,節約的