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  1. spread

    • IPA[spred]



    • vt.
      展開; 鋪開;塗
    • vi.
      擴散;延伸; 延續
    • n.
      傳播; 蔓延; 擴散;寬度; 範圍
    • 過去式:spread 過去分詞:spread 現在分詞:spreading

    • 名詞複數:spreads

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    • 1. 展開; 鋪開 to spread one's arms wide 張開雙臂 to spread its tail 開屏
    • 2. to spread sth. on sth. 在某物上塗 to spread sth. with sth. 在…上塗某物
    • 3. 覆蓋 to be spread with gravel 鋪上了礫石 to be spread with sheets 鋪著床單
    • 4. 使分散 seeds are spread by the wind 種子是隨風傳播的 to spread the compost/sand evenly 均勻地施堆肥/撒沙子
    • 5. 傳播 to spread gossip 散布流言 to spread a disease 傳播疾病
    • 6. 分布 to be spread (out) over several months 延續幾個月 five interviews will be spread over three days 將分3天進行5個訪談


    • 1. 擴散 to spread from place to place 四處蔓延 to spread to other countries 傳播到其他國家
    • 2. 延伸; 延續 the forest spreads for miles in all directions 這片森林方圓好幾英里 a desert which spreads over the whole of the north of the country 覆蓋該國整個北部地區的沙漠
    • 3. 可以塗抹 to spread easily 容易塗開


    • 1. 傳播; 蔓延; 擴散 the spread of religion/democracy 宗教/民主思想的傳播 the spread of education/ideas 教育/觀念的普及
    • 2. 寬度; 範圍 the spread of a bird's wings 鳥的翼展 there is quite a spread in terms of age 年齡段分布相當廣泛
    • 3. 跨數欄的文章 a double-/full-page spread 橫貫兩版/整版的文章
    • 4. cheese spread 奶酪醬
    • 5. 豐盛的飯菜 a magnificent spread 盛宴
    • 6. 大牧場; 大農場
    • 7. bedspread


    1. open out (something) so as to extend its surface area, width, or length

    2. extend over a large or increasing area

    3. distribute or disperse (something) over an area

    4. gradually reach or cause to reach a wider area or more people

    5. apply (a substance) to an object or surface in an even layer

    6. cover (a surface) with a substance in an even layer

    7. the fact or process of spreading over an area

    8. the extent, width, or area covered by something

    9. an expanse or amount of something

    10. the range or variety of something

    11. a large and impressively elaborate meal

    12. a bedspread


    「1. open out (something) so as to extend its surface area, width, or length」的反義字

    「2. gradually reach or cause to reach a wider area or more people」的反義字

    • spread的名詞複數
    • 雙向差額套頭


    • ph.
      佔用很多地方(如四肢攤開躺著) Since there was no one else in the compartment I was able to spread myself. 車廂裡沒有別人, 我正好能伸胳膊伸腿舒坦一下。
    • ph.
      使(某人)離開其他人或散開 The search party spread out over the moor. 搜索隊在荒草地分散行動。 Don't all sit together, spread yourselves out. 別都擠在一塊兒, 分開坐吧。
    • vi.
      散開 the police spread out to search the hillside 警察分散開來搜索山坡
    • vt.
      攤開 spread one's arms out 張開雙臂 the plans were spread out on the table 設計圖攤開放在桌上
    • ph.
    • n.
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    • KK[sprɛd]
    • DJ[spred]


    • vt.
      使伸展,使延伸 I spread my arms as far apart as I could. 我盡可能地將雙臂伸展開。
    • vi.
      伸展,延伸;延長[(+out)] A wide stretch of land spreads in front of us. 一片廣闊的土地在我們面前展開。
    • n.
      伸展;擴張;範圍;寬度[S] The wings of the bird have a 12-inch spread. 這鳥的翼展有十二英寸。
    • 傳播,散佈,伸展擴延的,伸展的展開,鋪開,傳播,推廣,伸出,塗,敷