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  1. allow

    • IPA[əˈlaʊ]



    • vt.
      允許; 准許;允許…進入
    • 過去式:allowed 過去分詞:allowed 現在分詞:allowing

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    • 1. 允許; 准許 passengers are not allowed to talk to the driver 乘客不得與司機交談 we're not allowed visitors 我們不可以會客
    • 2. 允許…進入 the club's rules do not allow male members 俱樂部規定不接收男會員 pets are not allowed 寵物不得入內
    • 3. 認可 I'll allow that this isn't always the case 我承認情況並不總是這樣的 the referee allowed the goal 裁判判得分有效
    • 4. 使成為可能 increased funding would allow the company to be more adventurous in its productions 投資增加將使該公司能夠大膽地擴大生產 the improved rail service allows easier connections to the main line to London 鐵路服務得到了改進,經由幹線往倫敦更方便了
    • 5. 分配; 留出 you ought to allow more material for long sleeves 長袖子得預備更多的布料 to allow sb. a discount of £50 給某人優惠50英鎊
    • abbr.
      = allowance
    • allow的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • ph.
      考慮到 The journey usually takes six weeks, but you should allow for delays caused by bad weather. 這段旅程通常需時六週, 但你應該把由壞天氣造成的延誤也考慮進去。
    • ph.
      【文】容許某事物, 對某事物留有餘地 Such conduct allows of no excuse. 這種行為不帶寬恕。 The task is so urgent that it allows of no hesitation. 任務非常緊迫, 不容遲疑。
    • vt.
      將…考慮在內 have you allowed for shrinkage? 你考慮到縮水了嗎?
    • vt.
    • ph.
      考慮到 We'd better start earlier. We should allow for traffic delays. 我們還是早些動身為好。我們要考慮到路上交通會有耽擱。
    • ph.
      容許有……的可能 The task is so urgent that it allows of no hesitation. 任務非常緊迫,不容遲疑。
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    • KK[əˋlaʊ]
    • DJ[əˋlau]


    • vt.
      允許,准許[O2][+v-ing] Swimming is not allowed at this beach. 這片海灘禁止游泳。 She allowed us to smoke. 她允許我們抽菸。
    • vi.
      容許[(+of)] The situation allows of no delay. 情況不容許有任何延誤。