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  1. bite

    • IPA[baɪt]



    • vt.
    • vi.
      咬; 叮;產生影響
    • n.
      咬; 咬下的一口;少量食物
    • 過去式:bit 過去分詞:bitten 現在分詞:biting

    • 名詞複數:bites

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    • 1. to bite sth. in two 把某物咬成兩段 to bite one's nails 咬指甲
    • 2. 咬傷 to be bitten by the dancing bug 迷上跳舞


    • 1. 咬; 叮 go and speak to him, he won't bite 去和他說吧,他不會吃了你
    • 2. 產生影響
    • 3. 吞餌


    • 1. 咬; 咬下的一口 to have or take a bite of sth. 咬某物一口 to take a bite out of sth. 削減某物
    • 2. 少量食物 to have or grab a quick bite (to eat) 匆匆吃點東西
    • 3. 刺骨; 辛辣; 尖銳 his speech has bite 他講話鋒芒畢露
    • 4. 叮痕; 咬傷 sb.'s bark is worse than their bite 某人是刀子嘴豆腐心
    • 5. 吞餌 to have a bite 咬鉤 the house is up for sale, but we haven't had any bites yet 房子已經上市,但是我們還沒有招徠到任何買主


    1. use the teeth to cut into (something)

    2. (of a snake, insect, or spider) wound with fangs, pincers, or a sting

    3. (of an acid) corrode a surface

    4. be persuaded to accept a deal or offer

    5. (of a tool, tyre, boot, etc.) grip or take hold on a surface

    6. (of a policy or situation) take effect, with unpleasant consequences

    7. an act of biting something in order to eat it

    8. a wound inflicted by an animal's or a person's teeth

    9. a wound inflicted by a snake, insect, or spider

    10. a quick snack

    11. a small morsel of prepared food, intended to constitute one mouthful

    12. a sharp or pungent flavour

    • pp
    • bite的動詞過去分詞
    • bite的名詞複數


    • ph.
      砍斷, 撕斷, 咬斷 Captain Hook's arm was bitten off by an alligator. 虎克船長的手臂是被鱷魚咬斷的。
    • ph.
    • vt.
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    • KK[baɪt]
    • DJ[bait]


    • vt.
      咬;啃 My sister's dog bit me yesterday. 我妹妹的狗昨天咬了我。
    • vi.
    • n.
      咬,叮;一口之量[C] The dog gave the mailman a nasty bite. 這條狗將郵差猛咬一口。
    • 咬,一口咬,刺痛,穿透