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  1. fight

    • IPA[faɪt]



    • n.
      打鬥; 戰鬥;鬥爭
    • vi.
      打鬥; 戰鬥;鬥爭
    • vt.
      與…打鬥; 與…搏擊; 與…戰鬥;與…作鬥爭
    • 過去式:fought 過去分詞:fought 現在分詞:fighting

    • 名詞複數:fights

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    • 1. 打鬥; 戰鬥 there was a fight outside the pub last night 昨晚在酒吧外面發生了一場打鬥 to get into or have a fight with sb. 和某人鬥毆
    • 2. 鬥爭 a fight for equality 爭取平等的鬥爭 to put up a (good) fight 進行(英勇)鬥爭
    • 3. 拳擊賽
    • 4. 爭吵 to have a fight with sb. 跟某人爭辯 to pick a fight (with sb.) (與某人)吵架
    • 5. 鬥志 he had no fight left in him 他失去了鬥志


    • 1. 打鬥; 戰鬥 to fight with sb. 和某人鬥毆 to fight against sb. 與某人作戰
    • 2. 鬥爭 to fight (hard) to improve/change sth. 為改善/改變某事物而(奮力)鬥爭 to fight against sleep 撐著不睡著
    • 3. 爭吵 to fight with sb. (over or about sth.) 與某人(為某事)爭吵
    • 4. 競爭 to fight against sb. 與某人競爭


    • 1. 與…打鬥; 與…搏擊; 與…戰鬥 they fought the enemy on the streets of the capital 他們在首都街頭與敵人戰鬥
    • 2. 與…作鬥爭 to fight a fire 撲火 to fight the urge to do sth. 設法克制做某事的衝動
    • 3. 努力開闢 to fight one's way (through) 努力闢出一條路 to fight one's way to the front of the crowd 奮力擠到人群的前面
    • 4. 競爭 to fight a seat/an election 競選席位/參加競選
    • 5. 進行 to fight a campaign (against sth.) 開展(反對某事物的)運動
    • 6. 打(官司) to fight the case 打這場官司


    1. take part in a violent struggle involving the exchange of physical blows or the use of weapons

    2. engage in a war or battle

    3. quarrel or argue

    4. struggle to overcome, eliminate, or prevent

    5. strive to achieve or do something

    6. attempt to repress (a feeling or its expression)


    「1. struggle to overcome, eliminate, or prevent」的反義字

    「2. attempt to repress (a feeling or its expression)」的反義字

    • pt
    • fight的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • fight的名詞複數
    • fight的過去式和過去分詞


    • ph.
      努力控制住 He tried to fight back his anger. 他極力控制住他的怒氣。 fighting back tears 強忍住眼淚
    • ph.
      為...而戰, 為...而奮鬥 He died fighting for his country. 他為捍衛國家而戰死。 They fought for the liberation of his country from tyranny. 他們為使他們的國家擺脫虐政而戰鬥。
    • ph.
      表示不服 He never showed fight. 他從不顯露出不服。
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    • vi.
      打仗;搏鬥;打架;奮鬥 You have to fight for your rights. 你必須為你的權利而奮鬥。 England and France fought against Russia in the Crimean War. 在克里米亞戰爭中,英、法兩國與俄國作戰。
    • vt.
      與……作戰;與……鬥爭 They fought their oppressors with all kinds of weapons. 他們用各種武器對抗壓迫他們的人。
    • n.
      戰鬥;搏鬥;打架[C] Who won the fight? 誰贏得了這場戰鬥?
    • 與…打仗,與…搏鬥,與…鬥爭戰鬥,搏鬥