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  1. flushed

    • IPA[flʌʃt]



    • adj.
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    • 1. 發紅的 her face was flushed with shame 她羞紅了臉 their cheeks were flushed with wine 他們喝酒喝得滿臉通紅
    • 2. 容光煥發的 flushed with pride/excitement/success 因自豪/興奮/成功而容光煥發的


    1. (of a person) excited or elated by something


    「1. (of a person) excited or elated by something」的反義字

    • n.
      紅暈; 紅光 there was a flush in her cheeks 她雙頰紅撲撲的 a rosy flush in the eastern sky 東方天空中一抹玫瑰色的紅霞
    • vi.
      發紅; 臉紅 she flushed angrily 她氣得漲紅了臉 to flush crimson/bright-red 臉變得通紅
    • vt.
      使發紅 fever flushed her cheeks 她燒得滿臉通紅
    • adj.
      完全齊平的 to be flush with 與…完全齊平 to be flush against sth. 與某物緊挨
    • n.
      同花 a royal flush 同花大順 a straight flush 同花順
    • vt.
      把…從隱蔽處趕出 to flush sth. from cover 把某物從藏身處趕出 the police finally flushed the villains from their lair 警察終於把那些流氓從他們的藏身處趕了出來
    • vi.
      湧;湧流 The blood flushed into her face. 血湧上她的面部。
    • vt.
      用水沖洗 The pipe is clogged. Try flushing it with hot water. 水管阻塞了,試試看用熱水沖。 He flushed the toilet. 他沖洗了廁所。
    • n.
      沖洗[C] The maid gave the floor a flush. 女佣沖洗了地板。
    • a.[F]
      注滿的;泛濫的[(+with)] The reservoir is flush. 水庫裡裝滿水。
    • adv.
      齊平地 The door fits flush into its frame. 這門與門框的大小正好合適。
    • vt.
    • vi.
      (鳥等)驚起,驚飛 A bird flushed from its cover. 一隻鳥從藏身的地方驚飛而起。
    • vt.
    • n.
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    • KK[flʌʃt]
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    • adj.
      興奮的;激動的 He was flushed with success. 他因成功而滿臉喜色。