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  1. follow

    • IPA[ˈfɒləʊ]



    • vt.
    • vi.
      跟隨; 隨後到;緊接
    • 過去式:followed 過去分詞:followed 現在分詞:following

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    • 1. 跟隨 the dog followed me all the way home 那隻狗一路跟著我回家 his bodyguards follow him wherever he goes 他到哪兒,保鏢就跟到哪兒
    • 2. 跟蹤 I think I'm being followed 我想有人在跟蹤我 follow that car! 跟著那輛車!
    • 3. 追隨 he followed his mother to Oxford University 他走母親走過的路,也進了牛津大學
    • 4. 繼承; 接續 she followed her 100 metres win with a gold medal in the 200 metres 在100米賽跑中獲勝後,她再接再厲又獲得200米賽跑的金牌 to be a hard or tough act to follow 令人望塵莫及
    • 5. 接在…之後 one misfortune followed another 不幸接踵而來 to follow sth. with sth. 做完某事後接著做某事
    • 6. 沿著…行進; 按照…進行 the border follows the river 以河為邊界 the government chose to follow a more radical course of action 政府選擇採取更為激進的舉措
    • 7. 遵照; 聽從 to follow the signs to the town centre 按照路標指示來到市中心 following fashion can be rather expensive 追求時尚是要花很多錢的
    • 8. 仿效; 跟著做 to follow sb.'s example 學某人的樣 to follow sb. in sth./doing sth. 在某方面效仿某人/效仿某人做某事
    • 9. 忠實於 the translation follows the original very closely 這個譯本非常忠實於原文
    • 10. 擁護; 信奉
    • 11. 密切關注 to follow the fortunes of sb./sth. 關注某人/某事物的命運
    • 12. 聚精會神地看; 傾聽
    • 13. 默念
    • 14. 理解 I couldn't follow the professor's explanation 我聽不懂教授的講解 do you follow me? 你聽懂我說的話了嗎?
    • 15. 從事 to follow the teaching/medical profession 從事教育工作/醫務工作 to follow an isolated life 過與世隔絕的生活


    • 1. 跟隨; 隨後到 to follow behind sb./sth. 跟在某人/某物後面 a group of children followed behind the procession 一群孩子跟在隊伍後面
    • 2. 緊接 what followed can only be described as a nightmare 接下來發生的事只能用惡夢來形容 the ... that followed 接下來的…
    • 3. 隨後發生 to follow from sth. 因某事而產生
    • 4. 是必然結果 it follows that ... 由此得出… she didn't come to work today, but it doesn't (necessarily) follow that she's ill 她今天沒有來上班,但這並不(一定)說明她病了
    • 5. 理解


    1. go or come after (a person or thing proceeding ahead); move or travel behind

    2. go after (someone) in order to observe or monitor them

    3. happen after (something else) as a consequence

    4. act according to (an instruction or precept)

    5. conform to

    6. act according to the lead or example of (someone)

    7. take an active interest in or be a supporter of

    8. understand the meaning or tendency of (a speaker or argument)


    「1. go or come after (a person or thing proceeding ahead); move or travel behind」的反義字

    「2. happen after (something else) as a consequence」的反義字

    「3. act according to (an instruction or precept)」的反義字

    「4. conform to」的反義字

    「5. take an active interest in or be a supporter of」的反義字

    「6. understand the meaning or tendency of (a speaker or argument)」的反義字

    • adj.
      接下來的 the following day 第二天 the following September 次年9月
    • n.
      追隨者; 信奉者; 支持者; 喜愛者 to have a large/small following 擁有一大批/少量追隨者
    • prep.
      由於 following last month's terrorist attack, new security measures have been introduced 由於上個月發生了恐怖襲擊,新的安全措施被引入 following your letter of 5 October 2005, ... 關於貴方2005年10月5日的來函,…
    • adj.
      接著的,其次的 They were married in 1978 and had a daughter the following year. 他們於一九七八年結婚,第二年就生了個女兒。
    • n.
      一批追隨者(或擁護者、部下等)[S] The Prime Minister has a large following. 首相有一大批支持者。
    • prep.
      在……以後 There will be a banquet following the conference. 會議過後將有一個宴會。
    • follow的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • 下列各項,部下,黨羽下列的,其次的


    • 跟隨,遵照


    • 跟隨,遵照


    • ph.
      把...貫徹到底 He failed to follow up my suggestion. 他沒有照著我的建議做下去。
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    • KK[ˋfɑlo]
    • DJ[ˋfɔləu]


    • vt.
      跟隨 My dog follows me to school. 我的狗跟著我去上學。
    • vi.
      跟隨 He leads; we follow. 他帶路;我們跟隨。
    • 跟隨,接著