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  1. lines

    • line的名詞複數
    • 相關詞
    • n.
      線; 紋 a curved/broken/double line 曲線/虛線/雙線 to put a line through sth. 在某物上劃一條線
    • vt.
      沿…排列成行 to be lined with trees/cars/spectators 兩邊樹木成行/沿途車輛川流不息/兩邊觀眾成排
    • n.
    • adj.
      有皺紋的 lined paper 橫格紙
    • vt.
      給…加內襯 to line sth. with sth. 用某物給某物加襯 to line the walls and ceilings 貼牆和天花板
    • n.[C]
      繩,線,索 She hung the wash on the line. 她將洗好的衣服晾在繩子上。
    • vt.
      用線標示;劃線於 He lined the paper with a blue pencil. 他用藍鉛筆在紙上劃了線。
    • vi.
      排隊,排齊[(+up)] The troops lined up and marched away. 部隊列隊開走了。
    • n.
      襯裡,內襯,內層[C];襯裡布[U] a fur lining 毛皮襯裡 Most likely it is in the lining of my coat. 那東西很可能在我上衣的襯層裡。
    • vt.
      給(衣服等)裝襯裡[H][(+with)] The coat was lined with silk. 這上衣的襯裡是用絲綢做的。
    • adj.
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