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  1. once

    • IPA[wʌns]



    • adv.
      一次;以前; 曾經
    • n.
    • adv
    • conj.
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    • 1. 一次 to hit sth. once 擊打某物一下 once only or only once 只有一次
    • 2. 以前; 曾經 to have once done sth. 曾經做過某事 to have once been beautiful 從前很漂亮
    • 3. 乘以一 once two is two 一二得二


    • 1. 一次 once is enough 一次就夠了 the or this once 就這一次


    • 1. 立即 come at once! 馬上過來!
    • 2. 同時 don't all/both talk at once 別全都/兩人同時說 to do several things at once 同時做幾件事情
    • 3. 突然 all at once 突然
    • 4. 一下子 don't eat it all at once 別一下子吃光


    • 1. 一旦 once it is dark ... 一到天黑… once out of prison ... 一旦從監獄裡出來…


    1. on one occasion or for one time only

    2. on even one occasion; at all (used for emphasis)

    3. at some time in the past; formerly


    「1. on one occasion or for one time only」的反義字

    「2. at some time in the past; formerly」的反義字

    • ph.
      立刻, 馬上, 立即 Come here at once! 立刻到這裡來! I'm leaving for Rome almost at once. 我馬上就要去羅馬。
    • ph.
      再一次, 再度 I warm you once more not to touch me. 我再度警告你不要碰我。 Could I see her once more? 我能不能再看她一次?
    • ph.
      僅這一次 For once he was telling the truth. 他就這一次說了真話。
    • ph.
      再一次 I'll tell you how to do it once again. 我再告訴你一次怎麼做。 Amanda is home from college once again. 阿曼達又從學校回到家中。
    • ph.
      (指堂、表親戚)隔一代的 a first cousin once removed 堂或表兄弟姐妹的子或女
    • n.
      掃一眼 to give sb./sth. a or the once-over 匆匆看某人/某物
    • ph.
      馬上;立刻 Do it at once! 馬上就做!
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    • KK[wʌns]
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    • adv.
      一次,一回 I see them once every two months. 我每兩個月與他們見一次面。
    • n.
      一次,一回 Once is enough. 一次就夠了。
    • conj.
      一旦,一經……便 Once you get into a bad habit, you'll find it hard to get out of it. 一旦染上壞習慣,想改掉就難了。
    • 一次,曾經,一旦一旦,一經一次從前的