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  1. reading

    • IPA[ˈriːdɪŋ]



    • n.
      閱讀;讀; 閱讀時間
    • 名詞複數:readings

    • 釋義
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    • 1. 閱讀 her reading is poor 她的閱讀能力很差 the reading public 廣大讀者
    • 2. 讀; 閱讀時間 a closer reading of the text 對這篇文章更仔細的閱讀 at or in one reading or a single reading 以一次閱讀
    • 3. 讀物 light reading 輕鬆的讀物 the article is not exactly light reading 這篇文章讀起來並不輕鬆
    • 4. 書本知識 a man/woman of immense reading 博覽群書的男子/女子 reading in sth. 某方面的學識
    • 5. 讀數 odometer/thermometer/gas reading 里程計/溫度計/煤氣表讀數 to take a reading 查表
    • 6. 解讀 a reading of sth. 對某事的解讀 a literal reading of the text 對這個文本的字面理解
    • 7. 朗誦會; 朗誦的作品 a poetry reading 詩歌朗誦會 a reading from sth. 朗誦的某作品選段
    • 8. 《聖經》選段 a Bible reading 誦讀的《聖經》章節 a reading from sth. 選自某章節的朗讀經文
    • 9. 宣讀 the reading of a will 遺囑的宣讀
    • 10. 宣讀 the first/second/third reading (of sth.) (某議案的)第一/二/三次宣讀 the third and final reading of the bill 該法案的第三次也是最終宣讀
    • 11. 版本 an alternative or variant reading of sth. 某物的另一版本


    1. the action or skill of reading

    2. knowledge of literature

    3. a piece of literature or passage of scripture that is read aloud

    4. a particular interpretation of a text or situation

    5. a figure or amount shown by a meter or other measuring instrument

    • vt.
      讀; 讀…的作品; 不經討論即認定某事 to read sth. from sth. 讀某物上的某內容 he used to read a passage from the Bible every evening 他過去常常每晚讀一段《聖經》
    • vi.
      識字 the baby can read pretty well 這個孩子能識好多字了 to read and write 看書寫字
    • n.
      閱讀 I've got a new bestseller: do you want a read? 我有本新的暢銷書:你要看嗎? a long/quiet/little read 長時間/安靜/少量的閱讀
    • vt.
      讀,閱讀;朗讀[O1] I read a good article in today's paper. 我在今天的報紙上讀到了一篇好文章。
    • vi.
      閱讀,朗讀 He seldom reads in his free hours. 他空餘時間很少看書。
    • n.[S]
    • abbr.
      = real-time electronic access and display 即時電子存取和顯示
    • adj.
      (常用以構成複合詞或用作述語)有學問的,通曉的[(+in)] He is well read in American history. 他通曉美國歷史。
    • 看讀,閱讀


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    • KK[ˋridɪŋ]
    • DJ[ˋri:diŋ]


    • n.
      閱讀;朗讀 [U] I enjoy music and reading. 我喜歡音樂和閱讀。 Reading makes a full man. 閱讀使人充實。
    • adj.
      閱讀的;讀書用的 reading glasses 讀書用的眼鏡
    • U閱讀,讀書