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  1. record

    • IPA[ˈrekɔːd]



    • n.
      記錄; 記載;履歷; 歷史
    • vt.
      記錄;錄下; 為…錄製; 錄製
    • vi.
      錄音; 錄像;被錄製
    • 過去式:recorded 過去分詞:recorded 現在分詞:recording

    • 名詞複數:records

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    • 1. 記錄; 記載 to have a record of sth. 有某事物的記錄 to make a record of sth. 記下某事物
    • 2. 履歷; 歷史 she had a good record at school 她學業成績很好 sb.'s past record 某人的過去
    • 3. 唱片 a pop/jazz record 流行樂/爵士樂唱片 to make or cut or record a record 灌唱片
    • 4. 最好成績; 最高紀錄 an all-time record 歷史最佳紀錄 the long-jump/100-metres record 跳遠/100米跑的紀錄
    • 5. 前科 to have a record 有前科 to have no record or a clean record 沒有前科
    • 6. 記錄


    • 1. 記錄 to record the minutes (of a meeting) 做會議記錄 to record that ... 記下…
    • 2. 錄下; 為…錄製; 錄製 to record sb./sth. on sth. 在某物上錄下某人/某事物 the incident was recorded on video/on a mobile phone 這事件已用錄像/移動電話攝錄下來
    • 3. 顯示
    • 4. 流露出
    • 5. 宣布


    • 1. 錄音; 錄像
    • 2. 被錄製 her voice records very well 她的聲音錄下來很好聽
    • 3. 錄製節目 to record live 現場錄製節目


    1. a thing constituting a piece of evidence about the past, especially an account kept in writing or some other permanent form

    2. the sum of the past achievements or performance of a person, organization, or thing

    3. the best performance or most remarkable event of its kind

    4. a thin plastic disc carrying recorded sound in grooves on each surface, for reproduction by a record player

    5. set down in writing or some other permanent form for later reference

    6. (of an instrument or observer) show or register (a measurement or result)

    7. achieve (a certain score or result)

    8. convert (sound or a performance) into a permanent form for subsequent reproduction or broadcast

    • adj.
    • record的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • record的名詞複數
    • 記錄


    • 記錄


    • ph.
      (指事實、事件等)記載下來的; (尤指)正式記錄的 Last summer was the wettest on record for 50 years. 剛過去的這個夏季是50年來記錄中雨水最多的。 It was the coldest winter on record. 那是有史以來最冷的冬天。
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    • KK[ˋrɛkɚd]
    • DJ[ˋrekərd]


    • n.
      記錄,記載[C][U][(+of)] My wife keeps a record of our daily expenses. 我太太將日常開銷都記錄下來。
    • adj.
      空前的,創紀錄的[B] The project was completed in record time. 工程在從未有過的短時間內完成了。
    • KK[rɪˋkɔrd]
    • DJ[riˋkɔ:d]


    • vt.
      記載,記錄 He recorded everything that happened on his travel. 他把旅途中發生的每件事都記錄下來。
    • vi.
    • 記錄,履歷,檔案,訴狀,最高紀錄,報告,唱片記錄,記載,標明