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  1. register

    • IPA[ˈredʒɪstə(r)]



    • n.
      登記簿; 名冊; 註冊簿;點名冊
    • vt.
      登記; 註冊;提出
    • vi.
    • 過去式:registered 過去分詞:registered 現在分詞:registering

    • 名詞複數:registers

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    • 1. 登記簿; 名冊; 註冊簿 a hotel register 旅館登記簿 a register of births, marriages and deaths 出生、結婚和死亡登記簿
    • 2. 點名冊 to call or take the register 點名
    • 3. 現金出納機 to ring sth. up on the register 將…記入收銀機
    • 4. 音區 the lower/middle/upper register 低音/中音/高音區 boy trebles singing in a high register 童聲男高音
    • 5. 語域 the informal register 非正式語體 a specialist register 專業語域
    • 6. 寄存器
    • 7. 節氣門
    • 8. 正反頁對版 in register 正反頁對版的
    • 9. 套準 in register 套準的


    • 1. 登記; 註冊 if you have a firearm, you must register it 槍支持有者必須辦理登記 to register sb./sth. with sb./sth. 在某人處/某處為某人/某事物登記
    • 2. 提出 to register sth. with sb. 向某人提出某事 he registered a complaint with the appropriate authorities 他向有關部門投訴了
    • 3. 顯示…的讀數 the instrument that registers the airspeed 顯示飛行速度的儀器 the gale registered 8 on the Beaufort scale 這場大風的風力為蒲福風級8級
    • 4. 流露出 his expression registered utter dismay 他的表情顯得非常驚愕 he registered his disapproval by walking out of the meeting 他離開了會場以示反對
    • 5. 記住; 注意到 he barely registered our arrival 他幾乎沒注意到我們到來 I registered the fact that he was late 我記得他遲到了
    • 6. 被意識到 it just hadn't registered that I would never see him again 我當時只是沒有意識到我再也見不到他了 it suddenly registered with her that ... 她突然意識到…
    • 7. 取得; 遭受 the British team has registered its first win in the competition 英國隊在比賽中首次獲勝 they registered their third consecutive draw 他們連續第三次打成平局
    • 8. 掛號郵寄
    • 9. 使套準
    • 10. 使…對正 to register sth. with sth. 將某物與某物對正


    • 1. 登記 to register at ... 在…登記 to register with sb. 在…處掛號
    • 2. 被顯示
    • 3. 被注意 I told her my name, but it obviously didn’t register 我把名字告訴了她,但她顯然沒在意 the enormity of the accident just didn't register 事故的嚴重性並未引起注意
    • 4. 對正 to register with sth. 與某物對正


    1. an official list or record of names or items

    2. a particular part of the range of a voice or instrument

    3. enter or record on an official list or directory

    4. enter one's name and other details on an official list or directory

    5. (of an instrument) detect and show (a reading) automatically

    6. express or convey (an opinion or emotion)

    7. make an impression on a person's mind

    • adj.
      已登記的; 登記在冊的 he is a registered drug addict 他是個在警署掛了號的癮君子 she has a German-registered car 她有一輛在德國註冊的汽車
    • adj.
    • register的名詞複數
    • 注冊的,登記過的,記名的


    • n.
      registry office
    • ph.
    • ph.
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    • KK[ˋrɛdʒɪstɚ]
    • DJ[ˋredʒistə]


    • n.
      登記,註冊[U] No register of his death was found. 沒有查到他的死亡記錄。
    • vt.
      登記,註冊,申報 Waldo went to the city hall to register the birth of his son. 沃爾多去市政廳為他兒子作出生登記。
    • vi.
      登記,註冊 I registered at a hotel near the train station. 我在靠近火車站的一家旅館登記住宿。
    • 登記,注冊,掛號