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  1. see

    • IPA[siː]



    • vt.
      看見; 預料到會出某問題; 問世;看; 觀看
    • vi.
      有視力; 看得見;明白
    • 過去式:saw 過去分詞:seen 現在分詞:seeing

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    • 1. 看見; 預料到會出某問題; 問世 to see (that) ... 看見… to see what/where/how/if ... 看到甚麼/哪裡/如何/是否…
    • 2. 看; 觀看
    • 3. 查看
    • 4. 遇見 you'll never guess who I saw at the party! 你絕對猜不出我在聚會上看到誰了! to happen to see sb. 碰巧遇見某人
    • 5. 拜訪; 參觀 do come and see us again 一定要再來看我們 I've always wanted to see India 我一直希望去印度遊玩
    • 6. 會晤; 接見 to see sb. about sth. 為某事物會見某人 what is it you want to see me about? 你找我有甚麼事?
    • 7. 與…在一起; 與…交往 to see a lot of sb. 與某人常待在一起 she's seeing a married man 她和一個已婚男子有染
    • 8. 領會; 看清 to see a joke 聽懂笑話 can't you see (that) she loves you! 你看不出來她愛你嗎!
    • 9. 看待 to see sth. from sb.'s point of view 從某人的角度看待某事物 the way or as I see it ... 在我看來…
    • 10. 設想 I don't see her changing her mind 我無法想像她會改變主意 I just don't see him in that role 我無法想像他扮演這個角色
    • 11. 得知 I see (that) the minister has resigned 我獲悉部長已經辭職 see who's (knocking) at the door 看看誰在敲門
    • 12. 確保 see that all the doors are locked 確保所有的門都已鎖好 to see sb. right 保證不虧待某人
    • 13. 經歷 my coat has seen a lot of hard wear 我的外套已經穿得很舊了 to have seen better days 曾經有過一段好日子
    • 14. 是…的發生地 the theatre saw many fine productions in its heyday 該劇院在鼎盛時期上演過許多精品
    • 15. to see sb. across or over sth. 護送某人走過某處 to see sb. across the road 護送某人過馬路
    • 16. 發覺 he hated to see her so unhappy 他不願意看她這麼不高興 it was unpleasant seeing the house so neglected 看到房子這樣疏於照管,真讓人難過
    • 17. 看中 to see sth. in sb./sth. 看中某人/某物的某種品質 what on earth does she see in him? 她到底看上他甚麼了?
    • 18. 好似看到 to see things 幻視 in the darkness I saw a monster lurking behind every tree 在黑暗中我彷彿看到每棵樹後都潛伏著怪物
    • 19. 表明 it has already been seen that ... 我們已經看到…
    • 20. 參看 see page 120 見第120頁


    • 1. 有視力; 看得見 as you can see 正如你所看到的 to see for miles 看到很遠的地方
    • 2. 明白 the whole thing is out of the question, see? 整件事情已經不可能了,明白嗎? see here (now)! 聽好了!
    • 3. 查看 has the post come yet? — I don't know, I'll go and see 郵件到了嗎?──我不知道,我去看看 wait and see! 等著瞧吧!
    • 4. 想一想 let me/let's see 讓我/讓我們考慮一下
    • abbr.
      = secondary electron emission 次級電子發射,二次電子發射
    • n.
    • vt.
      to saw through sth. 鋸穿某物 to saw sth. down 鋸倒某物
    • n.
    • pt
    • vt.
      鋸;鋸開;鋸成 The dead branches were sawed off. 枯枝被鋸掉了。
    • vi.
    • n.[C]
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    • n.
      主教教區 the Holy See 宗座
    • KK[si]
    • DJ[si:]


    • vt.
      看見,看到[W][+(that)][+wh-][O3][O4][O7] He was seen to come out. 有人看見他走出來。 We saw her chatting with her neighbors. 我們看到她在和鄰居聊天。
    • vi.
      看,看見;觀看[W] Can you see without your glasses? 你不戴眼鏡能看得見嗎?
    • KK[si]
    • DJ[si:]


    • n.[C]
    • 看見,查看,遇見,參觀,遊覽,理解,知道,同意,經歷看,觀看,注意,知道