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  1. serve

    • IPA[sɜːv]



    • vt.
      伺候; 為…效力; 侍奉;招待
    • vi.
    • n.
    • 過去式:served 過去分詞:served 現在分詞:serving

    • 名詞複數:serves

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    • 1. 伺候; 為…效力; 侍奉 to serve the cause of freedom 為自由的事業而奮鬥 to serve one's country/the public 為國家/公眾服務
    • 2. 招待 have you served the people at table 11? 你為11號桌的客人服務了嗎? I can't serve you; you're under age 我不能賣酒給你;你還不到法定年齡
    • 3. 端上; 給…端上飯菜 let me serve you some more beef 我再給你添點兒牛肉
    • 4. 供應 we don't serve hot meals after nine o'clock 9點以後我們不賣熱餐 dinner is served! 請來用餐!
    • 5. 為…提供服務 the library exists to serve the community/university 圖書館是為社區/大學服務的 towns not served by the railway 未通火車的城鎮
    • 6. 對…有用 this old fountain pen has served me well over the years 這支舊鋼筆我多年來用著都很好 her sense of direction served her well 她的方向感幫了她的大忙
    • 7. 度過 to serve a or one's term 任職一屆 Eisenhower served two terms as President 艾森豪威爾擔任了兩屆總統
    • 8. 送達 to serve notice on sb. 向某人發出警告
    • 9.
    • 10. 與…配種


    • 1. 招待 to serve at table 侍候進餐 I usually serve in the cocktail lounge 我通常在雞尾酒酒吧間做招待
    • 2. 供職 to serve on a committee/jury 擔任委員/陪審員 to serve as sth. 擔任某職務
    • 3. 服役 to serve in the army/navy 在陸軍/海軍服役 to serve as sth. 擔任某軍職
    • 4. 有用 any old excuse will serve when they're late 他們如果遲到了,隨便說個老掉牙的理由就管用 this room serves as a spare bedroom 這個房間用作備用臥室
    • 5. 發球 to serve for the set/match 局點/賽點發球
    • 6. 擔任輔祭


    • 1. 發球 he has a very big serve 他擅長大力發球


    1. perform duties or services for (another person or an organization)

    2. spend (a period) in office, in an apprenticeship, or in prison

    3. present (food or drink) to someone

    4. present (someone) with food or drink

    5. attend to (a customer in a shop)

    6. deliver a document to (the addressee) in a formal manner

    7. be of use in achieving or satisfying

    8. be of some specified use

    9. treat (someone) in a specified way

    • n.
      一份 a serving of vegetables 一份蔬菜 enough for four servings 足夠四人吃的
    • adj.
      在任的; 現役的
    • n.
    • serve的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • 服務,招待,上菜,一份食物


    • ph.
      把(食物)分給大家 Shall I serve out the soup or would you like to help yourselves? 是我來給你們盛湯, 還是你們願意自己來?
    • ph.
      有...的效果; 當作...用 This behavior merely serves as another example of her lack of consideration. 這個行為只是她不體貼的另一例證。 (這個行為有了說明她不為他人著想的效果。) The picture will serve as a valuable reminder of the dangers involved. 在提醒人們這件事涉及的危險上, 那張照片有極大的效果。
    • ph.
      【口】【貶】提出 She served up the usual excuses for being late. 她又端出老一套藉口為遲到辯解。
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    • KK[sɝv]
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    • vt.
      為……服務;為……服役 Children must be educated to serve their country when they grow up. 必須教育孩子長大後為國家服務。
    • vi.
      服務;服役;供職;幫佣[(+in/on/under)] My father served in the navy during the Second World War. 我父親在第二次世界大戰期間在海軍服役。
    • n.
    • 可作…用,服務,經歷,招待,供應,送交,對待服務,服役,侍應,適合