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  1. string

    • IPA[strɪŋ]



    • n.
    • npl.
    • vt.
      懸掛;給…裝弦; 給…繃線
    • vi.
    • 過去式:strung 過去分詞:strung 現在分詞:stringing

    • 名詞複數:strings

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    • 1. 細繩 a ball/piece/length of string 一團/一根/一段細繩 to tie sth. (up) with string 用細繩捆紮某物
    • 2. to tune the strings (on sth.) (給某樂器)調弦
    • 3. 牽線; 幕後操縱 a puppet on strings 牽線木偶 to pull strings (for sb.) (為某人)走後門
    • 4. 帶子 the strings of a bonnet 女帽的帽帶 a medallion on a string 掛在帶子上的大獎章
    • 5. 一串 a string of pearls 一串珍珠 the molecules join together to form long strings 分子連接在一起形成長串
    • 6. 一連串 a string of obscenities/hits 一連串的髒話/接二連三的成功
    • 7. 一批 he owns a string of racing stables 他有好多個賽馬訓練場 a string of racehorses 一群賽馬
    • 8. 一排 a string of islands in the Pacific 太平洋中的島鏈
    • 9. 字符串; 信息串 a character/numeric string 字符串/數字串
    • 10. 附加條件 without or (with) no strings (attached) 沒有附加條件
    • 11. 語符列


    • 1. 弦樂器演奏者 the strings 弦樂器 the strings section 弦樂器組


    • 1. 懸掛 fairy lights were strung on trees 樹上掛著彩色小燈 the route was strung with flags 沿途懸掛著旗子
    • 2. 給…裝弦; 給…繃線
    • 3. 把…串起來 the jeweller was stringing pearls on a nylon cord 珠寶匠正在往一根尼龍繩上串珍珠


    • 1. 充當報料人 to string for a newspaper 為報紙充當報料人


    1. material consisting of threads of cotton, hemp, or other material twisted together to form a thin length

    2. the stringed instruments in an orchestra

    3. a set of things tied or threaded together on a thin cord

    4. a sequence of similar items or events

    5. hang (something) so that it stretches in a long line

    6. thread (a series of small objects) on a string

    • pt
    • string的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • string的名詞複數
    • ph.
      (使某人/某物)有間隔地成行展開 The players were told to string out across the field. 運動員們得到指示在場上按間隔距離站成一排。 The horses were strung out towards the end of the race. 比賽中的馬臨近終點時拉開了距離。
    • ph.
      追隨 Take my advice -- string along with me. I know this business in and out. 聽我的忠告, 跟著我。我對這個業務裡裡外外都很清楚。 I don't want them stringing along as well! 我也同樣不願意讓他們跟著來!
    • vt.
      延長 they seem determined to string the talks out for an indefinite period 他們似乎一心要把談判無限期地拖下去
    • vi.
      分成一列 don't bunch up: string out at intervals of 30 metres 不要擠在一起:按30米的間隔排開
    • vt.
      將…聯結成句 I can just manage to string a few words together in French 我的法語只能把幾個單詞拼湊成句
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    • n.
      線;細繩;帶子[U][C] I need a piece of string to tie this parcel up. 我需要一根細繩把這包裹紮起來。
    • vt.
    • vi.